If I Were 22 – Three Things I would Tell My Younger Self (Who Might not Listen)

As a LinkedIn influencer I was asked to write on the topic of If I Were 22, some words I might share with my younger self and things I was doing at that time.  This was a great exercise to bridge multi-generations of readers.  Follow all blogs on LinkedIn and Twitter at #IfIWere22.  Thanks for reading.

A lot has happened since I was 22 but I remember those and the immediate years afterwards with fondness. Graduating college. The first job. Living on my own out of school and moving to my own apartment. Water skiing the summers on Lake Havasu. Those crazy super bowl parties (it’s on during the afternoon usually on the Pacific coast). Volleyball each weekend in Hermosa Beach. Think the B-52s song “Deadbeat Club” – I lived that song each weekend replete with the 25c beers at the Poopdeck. Looking back on it now I lived a great dream.

If I did know what I knew now back then I would probably offer some kind advice to the young man I once was (knowing full well my younger self may opt not to listen to my advice). Here are the top three. Since my advice would have been good enough for my younger self I do try to offer it to my own grown children (and do my best to lead by example, albeit not always successfully).

To read my top three list, visit my LinkedIn post.  Photo courtesy of Zeta Psi North America.


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June 2, 2014 · 2:06 pm

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