Day 1 #SAPTechEd Live Blog

Here at SAP TechEd I’ll be mixing up a few blog posts with the streams from the day’s events as they occur and as announcements made. Follow me here and on Twitter (@william_newman).

[1115] Just wrapped up the Executive Q&A with Dr. Sikka.  More of the key points.  Best quote: “If HANA was a little girl, Hadoop would be her big pet elephant.”

[0920] Discussing game-changing application examples and how business is being re-invented.  Major announcements are now behind us like the end of the fireworks show.  I’ll be taking a break from this blog until later… check back often for more updates!

[0915] Announcing 1776 Core HANA Systems on AWS. “Eliminating the tyranny of server limits” as Sikka goes with the American patriotic analogy. Also announces SAP HANA Infrastructure as a service (would that be HaaS?)

[0910] Now talking about the HANA ecosystem talking on the Intel partnership.  SAP and Intel announce Hadoop integration, as well as the new Z7 platform and 3x memory storage capacity.  So super radical fast even 3x faster.  Beyond human comprehension.  Here is a nice video from Intel providing some background on how it works.

[0905] Building extensions on top of SuccessFactors in the HANA Cloud.  Showing a Sports Reward Module where employees can select sports event tickets as a reward and recognition element.  That was cool.

[0900] Showing the business processes now in the HANA Studio used by DHL.  Without writing a single line of code you can generate a dashboard with KPIs solely pulling the data measures and a process aggregation.  That is pretty incredible.  HANA can build business critical apps in the cloud with the “data still living in the process.” New pricing model mentioned but not discussed.

[0850] Bringing in Franz Faerber from Germany.  HANA revenues and applications will double in the next several years.  Support from the HANA Academy and release of HANA SP7 (not in pre-beta, available in November).  Optimizing performance, OLTP features, vitualizations, and bringing the ABAP and HANA stacks “closer together.” The developer experience using the HANA Studio will be available without needing a separate workspace.  One unified workspace IDE on display, targeting a simple “hello world” app but shows the “scaffolding” and connections needed to immediately start programming.  Nice applause after the quick demo.  Well deserved, programming the basics must be a non-event in the app creation process.

[0840] Pretty frank acknowledgement of the core ERP “littered landscape” that SAP is currently dealing with.  NW Gateway product has over 7,000 clients over the world.  Great white boarding by Sikka.  He is in his element now.  Build new “seamless” applications for customers.  Every application comes under the bracket of one frame: the HANA extensible platform.

[0832] You know when you come to Vegas you never really know where you are.  You walk in and the sun is out and you walk out on your way to the airport and the sun is out.  > Darn funny line.  Speaking about finding a Burberry store and how they use an omnichannel personal experience where they remembered Vishal and his colleagues from a previous visit.  Amplify the reach.  That’s the “Tech” part of “Tech Ed.”

[0825] Sikka notes that everyone is building in-memory databases which is a good thing industry-wide.  Took a bit of a swipe at Oracle’s announcement last month at Oracle Open World by poking fun at the “pre-beta” in-memory offering.  Few in the audience were awake enough to pick up on that.

[0820] Warm welcome by Vishal Sikka, CTO and Board Member at SAP @vsikka, and guru “papa” of HANA.  A time of great fundamental transformation. Cites Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post as an example of how to rethink the business landscape.  Finally drives to his point: “great technology just doesn’t solve problems but it fundamentally changes things.”

[0815] After pumping us up we go into a big discussion around B Process logic of Doug Engelbart.  Interesting but I am emotionally dropping and looking for my coffee.  Hopefully context comes soon.

[0801] Are you kidding me? Jungle Love by The Time? I need to add that to my running playlist.  I am seat dancing now, fairly embarrassing…  Please start soon….

[0750] The warm up is a percussion-enhanced DJ, with perhaps the best rendition mix of Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing.” Eighties flashback, am I allowed to moon walk in the influencers section?

[07:00] Finished up my somewhat painful half marathon recovery run and typing out the buzz from the big data VIP event last night. Word was some interesting updates on the Hadoop and Hana offering and ecosystem. Also strong chance that the kxen merger is either finalized or will be finalized for announcement on Day 2


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