What to Look for: Microsoft Accelerator to be announced at SAP TechEd

Having just cleaned out my gear bag from this year’s Detroit International Half Marathon in the D, I am with keyboard in hand providing a few snapshots of what to look for next week at SAP Tech Ed.

First there will be more on Hybris and omnichannel marketing.  A lot more.  Since the announcement earlier this year a number of partners have come forward to address key scenarios.  This came up in my recent SAP Radio spot in a conversation around purposeful millennial consumers and how companies can weave corporate responsibility into their consumer facing strategies.

More cloud competition and predictive analytics, specifically around the kxen acquisition.  The acquisition is scheduled to be completed this month and since we are in the quiet period we haven’t heard much about roadmaps or strategies.  This could change at TechEd if the “all clear” is given to consummate the deal.  Could be newsworthy.

The clever folks in the NetWeaver Gateway team are releasing a new Productivity Accelerator for Microsoft (PAM).  Why the buzz?  Unlike other joint ventures with our friends at Microsoft, the NW Gateway PAM is a bi-directional environment with plug-ins and add-ins to Microsoft Office leveraging open data (oData) protocols.  This allows direct connectivity with Microsoft platforms, without “double conversion” via a Microsoft system. Accelerators much like “starter kits” in other SAP products means developers have pre-built handles unlike other previous approaches.  SAP hopes to tap into the estimated 65% of the SAP customer employees who currently use Microsoft products but currently don’t access SAP enterprise data in their day to day tasks.

A number of sessions including a customer small group discussion with Dr. Pepper Snapple are planned for the NetWeaver Gateway and Duet Enterprise teams.  You can see a full schedule at their SCN post.

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