ASUG TV Explores Duet Enterprise Costs, Integration, Value and User Experience

My recent interview with SAP Solution Manager Ella Morgulis, Evangelist Himanshu Pande, and ASUG News Vice President Tom Wailgum discussed a number of topics including the SAP relationship with Microsoft that Tom and I first noted in our “Frenemies with Benefits” article last month.  Here are some of the chronological topics I bring up in the interview which can be viewed on the ASUG TV YouTube Channel in its entirety.

1:30 Discussing the enhancement of the user experience.  Why is SAP doing this? Himanshu opens up with 20-25% of the organization users who are using SAP.  They need a simplified way of using SAP on an infrequent, easy to use manner.

Photo Credit: ASUG News, ASUG TV

Photo Credit: ASUG News, ASUG TV

2:50 Ella discusses the importance of data collaboration, particularly with Microsoft SharePoint.  Fun and collaborative.

3:30 Himanshu discusses SAP relationship with Microsoft and how the two companies share 90% of the customer base.

4:30 I discuss the unique play between Microsoft and SAP using Duet Enterprise as a platform, whether its Microsoft Phone, SharePoint, or Outlook as a user interface to consume the data already running in SAP.  Most of the building blocks are already in place.

5:45 Ella discusses how you use NetWeaver Gateway as a information layer and how the user may never know they are using SAP data.  Himanshu and I jump in: use the data how you want to, when you want to, where you want to.  Customer is king.

6:52 I point out how most companies today are heterogeneous.  This is a new way to bring options to the table to use SAP data.  Ella jumps in on more integration points.

8:00 I address the misconceptions around pricing and costing of how to use Duet Enterprise.  Key point: you don’t need full user licenses for every user who may use a Microsoft solution built on Duet Enterprise.  If you have 000s of users you can capture the $500-600 net license cost different between full and base user licenses.  It’s easy to make that mistake and cost everyone at a full user license.  Mea culpa for all consultants out there.  It’s so easy to develop the wrong business case quickly.

9:40 Himanshu brings up the long view approach.  Build ROI models on 30 apps on Duet Enterprise rather than just use it as a point to point solution option. ROI skyrockets.  Ella also jumps in.  I add the importance of getting the business case correct.  Pound that one home.

11:20 I talk about the Millennials – what Time Magazine calls the “Next Great Generation” – who want to create and make things with a predictable and easy user experience.  80M workers in the US alone who will be our economic engine for the next 30 years.  They are creating the New Normal of user experience moving forward.

12:30 Himanshu calls them the “XBox Generation” and now everyone has access to software and has this idea of a user experience and expect that gamified environment in the future.

13:20 Our 30 second check outs.  Ella says just talk to us about it.  Himanshu says you already have what you need if you are already invested in Microsoft and SAP platforms.  Use what you already have.  I go the same, “better together.”  Learn the Duet Enterprise story.



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2 responses to “ASUG TV Explores Duet Enterprise Costs, Integration, Value and User Experience

  1. Great coverage of the interview at ASUG. Made it easy to follow and understand what Duet Enterprise can offer and how to easily leverage the current Microsoft and SAP investments done. Better Together!


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