This Week at SAPPHIRE / Wednesday May 16

This week during the ASUG Annual Conference and SAP SAPPHIRE program, I will be providing a summary of key announcements, trends and discussions each day. For more detailed information and analysis please refer to the content links that will be updated and added into this post and at my SCN blog.

Wednesday this week SAP Co-CEO Jim Snabe challenged everyone to consider their “inner tiger” and build innovation through the capture of human talent. Focus of the conversation was clearly on the SuccessFactors brand and their platform of services.

Later in the day, Sven Denecken provided an update on the SuccessFactors portfolio of cloud based applications for both private and public cloud offerings. With a focus on People, Customer, Money, and Supplier. (Sounds a bit like core data entities, doesn’t it?) From his perspective, Denecken was clear that SuccessFactors was not a “rip and replace” business model. Most cloud based customers are looking to enable key functions or processes in the cloud in slices rather than a complete removal of core on-premises systems.


My personal meeting with Sameer Patel, Global Vice President of Enterprise Social Solutions focused on how SAP Social solutions – particularly SAP Jam – help get work done. SAP Jam designers followed the day in the life of customers across business processes to determine the social touch points in key business processes and have created collaboration points inside of SAP BusinessSuite and LOB Solutions. So social collaboration is not another “layer” or outside of core processes, it is fully integrated in work steps of core processes. My article on SAP Jam and a compare and contrast to the structure of StreamWork will appear shortly on (I will post the link here when available).

Finally I had the true pleasure to meet Bill McDermott again after nearly 10 years. Bill was a VP of Sales US at the time and I was still at Volkswagen and we met at a customer reception in Chicago. It was a long time ago and we were both a little shorter in the tooth back then. Bill established a cancer research foundation in honor of his mother who passed away from pancreatic cancer. A well known story is how Steve Jobs, who succumbed to the same cancer as Bill’s mother, shared a long discussion on the fight against the disease. Bill is a gracious man and his commitment to hire and promote inside SAP that culture has created a VP layer with great integrity which will serve the company well in the future.

Up today is the always lively Dr. Hasso Plattner and CTO Vishal Sikka who will provide a technical overview of HANA and SAP future direction. And maybe there will be some sparring with competitors tossed in for good measure.

(Photo credit: Timo Elliott … Thanks Timo!)


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