This Week at SAPPHIRE / Tuesday May 15

This week during the ASUG Annual Conference and SAP SAPPHIRE program, I will be providing a summary of key announcements, trends and discussions each day. For more detailed information and analysis please refer to the content links that will be updated and added into this post and at my SCN blog.

As Day 2 of SAPPHIRE rolls in, we heard some pretty big words around massive real-time data analytics and predictive behavior.  Bill McDermott’s keynote emphasized this point with venerable sports anchor James Brown joining a team of executives from the NBA, the San Francisco 49ers, and Under Armour who through the use of HANA and real-time data feeds are pushing new and more connected consumer applications to the market.  In this space, SAP hopes to capture the “customer’s customer” by enabling massive data sets in real-time, in-memory so that humans can digest what they want, where they want it and how they want it.  McDermott also called the Millennials “the most important generation, they use social as their dial-tone and we need them to answer.”

Other highlights from yesterday include my interview with Markus Rosemann from SAP LOB Supply Chain.  In the wake of such devastating plant fires and building collapses, we spoke on brand management and key functions of SAP SCM which, now enabled by HANA, OEMs can make decisions like sourcing share, capacity balancing, and portfolio balancing in real-time with the help of public sentiment and opinion.  This is important since supplier visibility – when enabled by real-time analytics – can deter supplier issues proactively.  And save lives.  The full interview is now available on the Business Trends Forum of SCN.

Yesterday I was also joined by Ella Morgulis and Himanshu Pande from the Information Worker group were we joined Tom Wailgum on ASUG News TV to discuss Duet Enterprise strategies, NetWeaver Gateway, and the Millennial Shift in workers to new UX designs. Look for our interview at the ASUG News site this week.

Today I’ll be hosting an ASUG round table, a “birds of a feather” session on mobility, HANA, and upgrades at the ASUG Community Lounge, CL14 on your program.  There will be door prizes – must be present to win!  Enjoy Day 2 of SAPPHIRE.


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