[INFOGRAPH] Mobile Strategies Transform Finance

Tomorrow I will join SAP Experts editor Scott Wallask (@BI_ScottWIS) for a FREE 1-HOUR WEBINAR “Strategies to use Mobility for Effective Data Analysis and Data Governance.” The premise is that by effective use of mobile technologies, companies can make more accurate data and information more accessible and more transparent throughout the organization.

Mobile Transforms Finance (source: SAP America)

Mobile Transforms Finance (source: SAP America)

One of the areas where this has received great attention is the transformation enabled in various financial management processes.  Long gone are the days when expense reports and travel requests were approved in the backseat of the taxi or sedan on the way to the airport.  Nowadays, controllers and CFOs are taking advantage of fully-rendered, native spreadsheet environments on tablets and smartphones – buoyed by in-flight WiFi services – to review and approve financial close and other key processes whenever and wherever they want.

As the attached infograph details, some of the value statements are pretty heady.  While each organization is unique to their potential financial and cycle time benefit, there are some compelling reasons to target the finance organization for operational efficiencies as well as greater value-added tasks (for example, due diligence to M&A transactions, opening new global markets, and other expansion and growth efforts).

The double-edged sword to this effect is the fact that you CAN work just about anywhere, so consider a fully-unplugged tropical vacation at sea.  Particularly in the February peak of the winter season ….


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February 27, 2013 · 2:17 pm

One response to “[INFOGRAPH] Mobile Strategies Transform Finance

  1. Hey Bill — If you think about what SAP is focusing on these days, it seems like mobility is the hot property that truly affects end users (as the infographic shows). While HANA is cool, most users won’t ever know they’re using it; ditto for any cloud apps SAP promotes.


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