Year End Predictions … And my Irish Cream Holiday Recipe

Thanks again to SAP Radio and host Bonnie D. Graham for giving me a slot in their annual predictions show today.  If you missed the show, you can download the podcast or listen to the recording online at the Voice of America, Coffee Break with Game-changers site.

Bonnie and I enjoy Irish cream and she was intrigued by my home recipe. Truth be told, my business school friend years ago – Irish by pride and custom – gave me her recipe. What a great friend!  This is my holiday gift to all of my friends and listeners…


1 qt whipping cream (use the heavy cream, so much better)

1 qt half and half

1 can sweetened condensed milk (again, use the real stuff not the non-fat)

2 tbl Hershey chocolate syrup (Ghiradelli is good if you can find it)

1.5 cup Murphy’s (or Bushmill) Irish Whiskey

3 eggs

Beat eggs and dump into blender.  (If you double the recipe … 😉 … whip the eggs together and then separate into batches).  Blend with cream, half and half, condensed milk.  Add whiskey and chocolate (yeah the good stuff is always last).  Blend until frothy usually 1 minute. Refrigerate after blended and let sit for three days (the fermentation occurs which helps smooth the concoction and deals with any issues using the raw eggs).  Pour over ice or add to coffee.  Salut!



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3 responses to “Year End Predictions … And my Irish Cream Holiday Recipe

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  3. mdebenedetti

    Yummy! Can’t wait to whip up a batch for the gang at the nut farm!


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