Mobile SAP EPM apps an easy way to adopt HANA in-memory, cloud

As part of my continued coverage to the SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions now available OnDemand in cloud form, I review the different options users have to consume data in mobile environments and transition to the cloud.

SAP EPMOD 3The new financial mobile apps available in SAP Enterprise Performance Management OnDemand (EPMOD) offer a number of advantages for both on-premises and cloud computing. For one, these options offer a scalable solution for smaller firms and subsidiaries, as well as those not ready to devote the necessary time and resources to the HANA in-memory platform. Fortunately, these organizations can still enjoy the benefits of in-memory computing by controling the cloud from the new SAP EPMOD mobile apps.

EPMOD offers data availability in a consistent SAP EPM environment regardless of the topology chosen, and a consistent computing experience when users move from on-premesis EPM10 applications to their EPMOD counterparts.

For adequate performance and consistency with traditional analytics environments, mobile applications require that a parsed subset of relevant data be available for them to consume. In a baseline mobile environment, Mobile Business Objects (MBO) act as these sub-cubes, providing pre-aggregation and dissection and allowing the right data to be consumed by the right app. However, MBO is not necessary for using the existing in-memory potential of HANA for financial information. EPMOD mobile applications can consume the entire data universe themselves in a HANA-based environment.

You can read the full article on the site. Gratitude and thanks to Bryan Katis (Group VP) and Dave Williams (Head of EPM Marketing) at SAP for clear access to not only their thoughts but also the application roadmap for EPMOD.


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