Microsoft-SAP Duet Enterprise extends supply chain, purchasing options

In my second of three reviews of Microsoft-SAP Duet Enterprise, I have a look at solutions developed to support supply chain and purchasing functions, support areas hard hit as a result of the Great Economic Crisis and will experience high employee changeover as Millennial Workers replace retiring Baby Boomers at an increasingly rapid pace.

Support organizations such as purchasing and supply chain management (SCM) groups hit hard by the recession and recent workforce shifts need practical, easy-to-use and secure platforms to execute intercompany transactions.

For organizations that use both SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, a number of process-based solutions have been built by SAP partners as part of a platform jointly developed by both software makers. Offered as Duet Enterprise, this platform helps companies leverage common, user-friendly Microsoft Office and Microsoft Sharepoint applications as a userinterface.

Similar to scenarios in other support functions, Duet Enterprise partners have worked to address the “do more with less” challenge facing many midsize to large enterprise businesses, with a significant investment in both user experience via SharePoint and back office, heavy-lifting enterprise management functionality, using SAP SCM and supplier relationship management (SRM) as the system of record.

Read the full article on the searchManufacturingERP site.  Later this month I’ll take a deeper dive and a walk through on one of the key solutions for purchasing and requisitions.


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