SAP Duet Enterprise suites offer improved usability, flexibility

This month I will be reviewing some of the Duet Enterprise capabilities emerging with partners as well as platform upgrades as SAP moves to the 2.0 release of the platform. A deeper dive on specific purchasing capabilities is forthcoming.

Companies continue to look at ways to make work both fun and more productive. The “gamification of the workplace” continues with more Millennial workers — those born between 1979 and 1999 — entering the job market. Millennials want fun, teamwork and challenges without the stress of having to learn new, complex environments. In short, the “now generation” requires tools to perform in a simple, usable way.

For organizations leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint platform, SAP partners have built a number of process-based software packages as part of the jointly developed platform by both software makers. Offered as SAP Duet Enterprise, the platform helps leverage highly available and easy-to-use Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint applications as the user interface, allowing business users to consume SAP information as the system of record. Supported by an HTML link between SharePoint or Outlook, Duet Enterprise connects to SAP NetWeaver Gateway as the message broker to exchange information bilaterally upon request of the user.

New application uses are emerging across a variety of industries in a number of different business processes and functions, including the customer relationship management (CRM) and human resource (HR) spaces. The workforce changeover in the three years since the recession have significantly affected these function. New talent supporting sales and employee relations need strong tools to to perform well in business.

For a complete review of the partner applications and solutions available for CRM and HR functions, please read the full article on Tech Target’s searchManufacturingERP site.


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