New SAP EPM OnDemand apps focus on Planning, Cost Control, Profit

Over the next month I will be working on a three-part eBook series for Tech Target’s, I review the new mobile Enterprise Performance Management suite, known as EPM OnDemand (EPMOD) and the impact to those organizations looking to mobilize the finance and purchasing functions.  In this second article of the series I take a closer look at the specific applications of the initial EPMOD stack and how these apps provide a seamless user experience from on-premises to mobile environments.

SAP is moving to address the mobile computing needs of its financial management customers with a new set of on-demand mobile apps available directly from the SAP marketplace and other online application markets.

The initial three apps released as part of the SAP enterprise performance management (EPM) OnDemand suite announced last month at the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference. They are built on the EPM Unwired stack — SAP’s new Mobile Business Objects layer powered by the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) — which bring full-function analytics and visualization to the user experience. The platform can run on a HANA database hosted in the cloud or on-premises based on the needs of the customer.

The initial EPM OnDemand includes three apps: real-time profit and loss analysis, capital project planning and expense insight. Supported by multiple language environments, these apps are designed primarily for tablet and smartphone Android and iOS users and offer full visual capability similar to that of desktop or laptop screens, allowing users to create content in a mobile environment. Previous apps were limited to simple authorizations and approvals because of limited computing power, data availability and user interface.

Read the full version of the article on here.  In the third and final article I will consider how to architect HANA and non-HANA environments so these mobile apps can consume the proper financial and non-financial information.


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