The Jury is Still Out on Digital Media Across Industries

Earlier this month I teamed up with former Booz Allen Hamilton colleague Scott Golas and staff writer Nancy Hala for a three-part interview on Dig-it-all media on the effectiveness of digital media and the need for social business outsourcing to build high growth companies and manage brands.  Based on some of the recent stories on effectiveness of Google Ads and Facebook advertising, some markets respond and others don’t regarding social media advertising for business.

“For products like consumer and durable goods, there are still a lot of questions about the effectiveness of buying ad space on Facebook. Some think it could be the right approach, particularly to attract younger buyers. The leader in this arena is clearly Apple, who focuses its brand and product line on digital media. But for businesses in other industries, for example those not specializing in technology or knowledge, the true power of digital remains to be seen.”

In working with high growth companies, the marketing function is often starved in terms of funding and resources.  This is self-defeating as in this digital age the adage “if you can’t link to it, it doesn’t exist” applies particularly to the new demographic of online  buyers and purchasing agents who build their bid lists by first checking Google in many cases.

“While there may be a marketing director providing overall management of activities, you still need people to develop content and place it appropriately in given markets. Since these skills are not typically found within a company – particularly in global companies operating in many different national markets – outsourcing can be an effective solution.”

Finally I look at the on-ramps to new industries, markets, segments and target customers where focused brand management can create a high-touch social experience.  In these cases, classical brick and mortar “hard” approaches may be by-passed altogether for an online user experience to education and build trust with the customer.

“Over the past two or three years, cooperation among third-party platforms and plug-ins has made it easier to coordinate messaging across multiple platforms,” Newman says. “Face-tweeting and in-tweeting – these bridges expand communication, and for businesses that means that social campaigns can be integrated with email marketing. Will we get to a place where there is one platform to rule them all? I don’t know, but that would be cool.”

Thanks again to Scott and Nancy for their work to publish the interview series which can be viewed on its entirety on Dig-it-all here.  To follow other Dig-it-all postings and interviews search on hashtag #digitallco or follow Scott on Twitter (@scott_golas).


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