Three Reasons Why NOT to Upgrade to iOS6

Recent discussion and press have not been very flattering to the iOS6 release, Apple’s new operating system which is designed to optimize the multi-processing logic in its iPhone 4S and recently released iPhone 5 platforms.  While many have embraced the new iOS6 software release as a part of purchasing their new iPhone 5, others are more reluctant.  Here are the top three reasons why you should NOT upgrade to the new platform:

1. You are still using an iPhone 4.  iPhone 4 is designed with the on-board logic not as sophisticated as the multi-processing platform of iPhone 4S and 5.  What this means is that when you accept the new iOS6 on an iPhone 4 – which you can do – the system has to backward convert the new system software to operate on the older platform.  We call this “thunking” and it can (remember I use the word “can”) impact performance of your iPhone 4 (it may seem like it runs slower on some apps and processes). Also if your family is like mine, we finally have nearly everyone on the same platform which includes chargers, headsets and other accessories.  iPhone 5 has slightly different charger plugs meaning you need to start all that over again, another reason to hang on to your iPhone 4 or 4S if you are still using them.

2. You Really Like Google Maps.  With iOS6 we say bon voyage to Google Maps as an on-board accessory and say … hello and help me? …. to the new Apple mapping app.  This past weekend I was told the story how the new Apple maps sent a person in a completely different direction than what he was looking for, infuriating the user.  You CAN download Google Maps into iOS6 operating iPhones – and a lot of people are.  But most people use what comes on their phone and this means Apple mapping app which is new, unproven, and two years beyond on spatial data from Google Maps.  (Always note the little disclaimer that comes with the mapping app!) Apple Insider recently downplayed the issues with iOS6 and Apple Maps.

3. You Simply Don’t Need to Upgrade.  This is the ying and yang of Apple’s iOS upgrade strategy. Unlike other software operating systems Apple doesn’t force you to upgrade. And chances are they won’t, it’s just not in the behavior genetic code of Jobsian zen used at Apple.  You of course need iOS6 with the iPhone 5 (it doesn’t come any other way and you can’t hack backwards to iOS5 without a lot of effort and system performance impacts – remember thunking works both ways).  So again know that a new phone means new operating software.

So until there is a compelling reason to upgrade, just get used to that little reminder ball on your iPhone screen and try to ignore it. For now.



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7 responses to “Three Reasons Why NOT to Upgrade to iOS6

  1. Rob O'B

    After upgrading my iPhone 4 to IOS 6 I lost ‘YouTube’ which I did want and gained ‘Passbook’ which I didn’t.


    • Gene

      The new mapping system is GREAT!! It is MUCH MORE user friendly than Google Maps was. It presents a clean and SIMPLE looking display so I get JUST WHAT I NEED and not a lot of clutter. I upgraded the day it came out and have been on several trips around town and a road trip this week and the Apple GPS gave perfect directions.

      Rob, download YouTube and move Passbook to the back of your menu.


  2. Jürgen

    I never saw an application as bad as the new maps in IOS in the last 10 years – worse than early Windows apps.


  3. Anne

    My phone froze in an apple mode and had to go through the whole process to reboot and lost some apps, pictures, etc and have not yet seen the benefit of upgrading


    • Another point for all of you folks running out and getting iPhone 5 as part of your iOS6 and hardware update, you can still use your iPhone 4/4s plugs with an adapter Apple will sell you for about $30 in the US. Ain’t cheap but a good way to put your iPhone 4/4s cables to continued use.


  4. je hoyes

    ios6 on ipad2. Maps: No street view. Very fuzzy satellite imagery. The original youtube app was a bit glitchy with the comments but at least it was useable, I’ve uploaded the youtube app but it appears to be for iphone not ipad. The battery life seems shorter. I will give it a better test when I can face it. Not happy.


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