Going mobile with SAP Supplier Relationship Management

My recent discussions with a number of partners and clients suggest an increased interest to enable the purchasing function across industry sectors.  I summarized these observations in an article for searchSAP.com.  A number of key observations:

  • As many companies look for ways to mobilize core SAP processes, a growing number of them are turning to purchasing functions for “quick wins” that allow them to extend the capabilities of their SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) environment.
  • When combined with workflow approvals of capital expenditures (Capex), long-term service agreements as part of a normal purchase cycle, or requests for quote (RFQ) responses, mobilizing those purchasing functions provides access and reduces workflow and process cycle time.
  • Transactions are broken down into two primary categories, “Approvals Only” (where a signature approval is needed) and “Review and Approve” (where detailed access to supporting documents is required).  There are different approaches used for these two transaction categories, which can get very complex if company policies dictate.

Read the full article which includes an interview with Rapid Consulting founder and President Anton Ansalmar here.  I will be presenting a number of these approaches as well as moderating two industry panels for manufacturing and utilities at the SAP Insider Mobility 2012 conference October 29-31 in Las Vegas.


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