Companies Turning to Enterprise Social Business for Collaboration, Integration

As part of our ongoing coverage of emerging trends in enterprise solutions and technology, I crashed the recent DrupalCon event in Denver.  What I found was part “Big Bang Theory” and part disruptive innovation through the use of enterprise social business tools and open source computing.

Image source: betanews

The explosion in open source computing and cloud computing options has created a new level of thinking in the design of enterprise process execution and how these processes use — or simply integrate with– traditional and proprietary software. So-called 2-Tier computing, which combines  the on-premises applications traditionally used to execute business processes with cloud-based applications, is also gaining acceptance, particularly where formal operations are temporarily needed (such as mergers and acquisitions) or user levels have not achieved critical mass to deploy a full instance of an application. Enterprise social business tools sit at the crossroads of these trends.

With enterprise social business tools, organizations can leverage the collaborative effects of having processes executed within their “four walls” or throughout their value chain in either a cloud-based or on-premises environment, using either a proprietary or open source platform. Key organizational functions such as purchasing, supplier management and product development appear to be good candidates for enterprise social business. Early results look promising.

The full article can be found on here.  Thanks to Bryan House, VP at Acquia, for the exclusive interview for the story and the freebie pass into DrupalCon.


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