SAP Supply Chain Performance Management 2.0 Offers Improved Integration, Analytics

I will be providing several overviews of operational risk management (ORM), enterprise risk management (ERM) and supply chain management (SCM) in the coming weeks.  In this review for I provide a review of the non-financial enterprise performance management (EPM) solution from SAP BusinessObjects focused on increased supplier effectiveness.

Coca-cola delivers real-time tracking using SCPM (source: Computer Weekly)

One of the “nonfinancial” solutions in the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management stack, SAP SCPM has matured significantly since 2010. Originally, SCPM was viewed as the performance management answer to integrated logistics and material processes found in SAP Business Suite applications, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) and its extension, Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO).

As with the earlier version, SAP SCPM integrates with SCM and APO platforms, providing a preconfigured analytics environment for the business of moving, shipping and making products and delivering services. In addition, information may be loaded from preconfigured BI InfoCubes and other data environments for financial and sensitivity analysis.

For more on this and other SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions, please consider my SAP Press title, “Understanding SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management” available at both and SAP Press.  Visit the book fan page on Facebook.


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