Right Product Compliance Software Crucial for Green Manufacturing (via @ManufacturingTT)

As a follow-on to our recent white paper on product compliance software, Newport Consulting Group principal and colleague Liz Garnand (twitter @LizGarnand) offers a compelling read in this latest online edition of searchManufacturingERP.com.  

As new market pressures to manufacture “sustainable” or “green” products continue to increase in scope and intensity, manufacturers are looking to product compliance software for help. Meeting compliance regulations is no longer enough as customers increasingly seek products that are environmentally friendly, recyclable and made by companies that practice social ethics.

Manufacturers should expect new legislation to increase in scope as governments continue to respond to people’s demand for greener, ethical products. Given these market and regulatory pressures, manufacturers should expect new requirements not just for environment, health and safety (EHS) reporting, but for greener product materials, green manufacturing processes and sustainable supply chains.

These points are spot-on.  As I have stated many times over in this forum and others it is so very important for an organization to define what sustainability means to them and to their corporate strategy as this will be different for each and every company or association.  As well understanding the specific broad matrix of elements and data metrics needed to address not just the one-up green component but a full future roadmap view of requirements will best serve companies now and for the next several years.

The full article may be viewed here.  Thanks to Liz and editor David Essex for putting together a great read.


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