Decompressing … and Learning … from #TEDxFlint

It’s been over a week now since TEDx came to Flint, Michigan a modest hard-working class city best known for what it has lost over the past through years through the lens of producer Michael Moore.  What TEDx attempts to do is to illustrate the possibilities, for a city and community moving into a new age of revitalization such as Flint.

Fellow speakers Tamika Lamison, Catalina Talero and me in the Green Room at TEDxFlint (photo courtesy of C. Talero)

Our approach was to choose the 16th letter – P – as our guidepost and develop an idea or concept or creative expression that would fit the TEDx motif. My offering was a “Personal Model for Sustainability” based on some of the early coaching work I have made with professionals and executives trying to either implement sustainable business practices into their own organizations, or attempting to find the next outlet for their life journey and a balance of mind, body and soul (some relationship either spiritual or with their community) which can allow individual growth and expression.

The discussions and ideas over the course of the day illustrated a number of possibilities (another P word!).  Ranging from “Blaming the Recipe” to a new way of looking at Not-for-Profit organizations (call them “high impact” organizations, thanks Doug!), to the need for all of us to be a “Hero in Waiting.”  We learned how a bounced check and heartbreak can open the door to fulfilling dreams and how education can save your life (thanks Tamika and Catalina).  We were challenged to Stop Discounting People (thanks Terry) and our eyes were opened to the creative movement sweeping the city and the surrounding community.

This for me was an amazing day.  I am so proud of my fellow speakers, the organizers and for my colleagues at Northwood University in Flint for supporting my presentation and those of all others who were able to participate at the University of Michigan – Flint campus and around the world via live internet link and steaming video.

Look for a number of TEDx presentations from Flint over the next several weeks at the TEDxFlint site and on YouTube.


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