Best Practices for Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain (via @ManufacturingTT) #in

In Part 4 of my four-part series on sustainable supply chains featured over the past month on, I consider the management of sustainable supply chains, communication patterns, and the need for consistency and governance.

So many organizations, from large corporations to small not-for-profits, are eager to jump on the supply chain sustainability bandwagon without fully understanding what such a program means to the organization and its supply chain. A recent study conducted by the UN Global Compact revealed that, on average, 93% of global CEOs across manufacturing industries believe sustainability is an important or very important topic for their company. Far fewer seem to have the wherewithal and knowledge to implement an internal governance model and interact effectively with their supply chains.

Before reaching out to the supply chain with information requests and surveys, it’s best to get organized internally. This helps establish a focal point for managing sustainability activities within the organization and how they affect the supply chain.

Often this center brings together one or more lead functions in the organization.  Purchasing, logistics, engineering and operations all play a role and closely coordinate with finance to realize the triple bottom-line (TBL) results needed for a successful supply chain sustainability initiative.

Read the full article here, which also includes links to the other parts of the eBook series.  Many thanks to site editor David Essex for a great collaboration on this eBook project.


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