What ‘going mobile’ means for finance (via @CFOKnowledge)

SAP recently announced a number of on-demand mobile and cloud-based applications which will have an initial focus on gap-fill tasks such as travel approval and time / expense approval.  Colleague Richard Barrett reviews the positioning that SAP is taking with respect to the financial function with its recent mobility announcements.

So the race is on to deliver relevant enterprise applications through mobile platforms. But how might this impact the finance function?  In order to explore the issues, we got involved with the Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation and Financial Executives International Canada and surveyed their members.  Here are some highlights:

97% said that mobile devices allow workers to use idle time productively (e.g. doing their emails or  perhaps even submitting their expenses via SAP Travel Management On Demand), – and allowed them to make more timely decisions. Interestingly they saw this as much more relevant to their customer facing colleagues in sales and commercial roles rather than themselves though frequently mentioning how being mobile can them close sales opportunities that they might have previously missed. For sure this is the area their companies plan to mobilize first and the priority for finance will be mobilizing customers’ outstanding receivables and payment history.

Read Richard’s full blog entry at CFO Knowledge.  For a full discussion of the Mobility 2020 initiative and other CEO goals for the year, read our annual forecast entry.


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