Web-based visuals boosts flexibility for SAP ERP HCM charts, reports (via @SAP_TT, @ingentisgmbh)

Stymied by quickly moving organizations and how to publish those internally or externally to your value chain members? Our friends at searchSAP.com recently ran an abstract regarding our recent white paper with software maker Ingentis GmbH and their org.manager solution.

Some pretty cool features about his solution.  First you can use any HCM system backbone – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, home grown – which makes it great for post-merger / separation and high employee turnover scenarios.  Second, unlike other similar products, org.manager can be deployed without a fully integrated HCM system.  This makes deployment costs as much as 1/10th the deployment costs of full HCM system deployments (not everyone needs to drive a Bentley, sometimes an Audi as a third car is pretty nice).  Finally the configurations can be made to update web publications “near real time” eliminating cumbersome HTML manual or deliberately configured routines.  You set it up and it does the work for you.

Please visit Ingentis GmbH next week at the SAP Insider HR2011 conference in Amsterdam.  Access our full white paper on web publishing and organization visualization at no cost.


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