The Stakeholder’s Guide to the Universe (via iPad, Android, @SAPCommNet)

I recently penned a few notes on the SAP Developer Network regarding the unique needs of users of performance management applications.  Deploying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions requires interactions with high-touch, executive stakeholders who don’t always want to be toting around a laptop. EPM10 solutions enabled by iPad2 and Android protocols allow for a sleak, almost sexy approach to take BI analytics on the road in chique fashion.

For many project managers, engaging executive stakeholders to approve projects is much akin to oral surgery – a necessary evil that once completed it is done with the exception of some periodic checkups and audits to ensure no one has any infections (or project slides).  Engaging executive stakeholders actively to use a sytem on a daily basis, that’s a whole different story.

Executives are “above” getting their hands into systems data.  That’s what they hire assistants and directors to do, to interpret and present the information, so that then they can make decisions.

Read the full blog post on the SDN here.


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