The Rise of Generation C (via strategy+business) / The Death of email (continued)

The Rise of Generation C is a compelling story of the “Connected Generation” – anointed as Generation C as a generation must by using one alphabetic character to describe all generations since the Baby Boomers (the last generation “worthy” of a long character-string title).  The conversation is true to form based on the Millennials and their desire to constantly remain in contact with not only society but their close family and friends.

They are culturally liberal, though not necessarily politically progressive. They are upwardly mobile, yet they live with their parents longer than earlier generations ever did. Many of their social interactions take place on the Internet, where they feel free to express their opinions and attitudes. They’ve grown up under the influence of Harry Potter, Barack Obama, and iEverything — iPods, iTunes, iPhones. Technology is so intimately woven into their lives that the baby boom–era concept of “early adopters” is essentially meaningless.

We have blogged about the death of email and the de-personalization of work relationships, while at the same time maintaining an “always on” approach to the growing Mobile Society.  We maintain – as other futurists suggest – that most business transactions in the world will be handled by mobile devices by 2020.  Hopefully personal relationships will still be managed IRL (in real life).

Please link to the full story in strategy+business magazine (login required of course, we need to remain connected…)


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