Social Tools for the Business Part 1 c/o @ProjectExpert

Laura Casasanto from SAP Experts and I chatted recently in Las Vegas during the GRC 2011 and FIN 2011 conferences on the topic of social media and the emerging use of social/business tools in the workplace.

Particularly for so-called “Generation Z” workers (the generation of teenagers and young adults also often called The Millennials) email is simply a way to on-ramp onto social media platforms.  Their inbox does not contain content, only notification messages which can be quickly dumped or stored forever without ever being read (now there is a sustainable IT issue to address!)

Laura’s article appears in this weeks Project Expert updates and is the first of a short series on the topic.  You may read it for a limited time without subscription in its entirety here.  For another viewpoint on “9 Reasons why email is Dead” view this 2009 PC Magazine story by John Dvorak (still relevant) here.

Message on Gen-Zers, message on!



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