The insideEdge: SAP, Sybase, and the Future of Enterprise Mobility

Greetings from Las Vegas and the SAP Insider conferences.  I will be posting status on my Twitter feed and blogs regarding a number of important announcements, releases, and articles which are featured this week at the conference.

We have written on the Mobile Society on several occassions.  We view mobility as not a trend but as the way forward, based on several studies suggesting that 90% of the world computing transactions will be facilitated on mobile platforms by 2020.  In a recent discussion with Laura Cassasanto from Project Experts today, I noted that there are entire generations and populations in the world who will never know the joy of a PC under their desk or a laptop on their table.  This generation will completely skip desktop computing and perform these recreation, social and work activities using the cloud.

Read more on SAP’s point of view with the following article by John Chen, CEO of Sybase (an SAP company) at the SAP Insider Learning network.

The insideEdge: SAP, Sybase, and the Future of Enterprise Mobility.

For more information on our Program Design and Oversight service – including our focus on the Mobile2020 initiative – visit our website.


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