Oracle-HP Rivalry Grows as Computer Systems Market Heats Up

New rhetoric in the Oracle-HP rivalry has moved from words to intended actions.  This has exposed some serious emotional responses from Oracle as to the intentions of HP after the hiring of Leo Apotheker from SAP as its new CEO, the hiring of former HP CEO Mark Hurd by Oracle as co-President and member of the Board of Directors, then finally the judgments against SAP in the lawsuit which awarded damages to Oracle based on the practices of SAP after its acquisition of TomorrowNow.

I remember not so long ago when SAP, Oracle, HP and Sun (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle) all played nice in the sandbox.  Sure it was a little awkward – okay really weird – having an Oracle booth at SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE conference each year.  But Oracle DBMS works spectacularly well with enterprise systems such as SAP ERP and others.  At Volkswagen we had several large enterprise programs, including the spare parts program ET/2000, which was architected largely on Sun and HP platforms with supporting Oracle DBMS using SAP applications.

It appears that these days of cooperative interoperability may be slowing to a halt.  I hope not, since fewer choices means over time less quality and higher prices for the market and its customers.

Chris Chiappinelli’s article provides the background for all of the mudslinging and posturing.

Oracle-HP Rivalry Grows as Computer Systems Market Heats Up.



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3 responses to “Oracle-HP Rivalry Grows as Computer Systems Market Heats Up

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  2. Joe Campbell

    One of the keys is the “magic triad” of services, software and hardware as HP has this as well as IBM, however EDS did not and you see they are gone. Also believe this was a key reason for Oracle to buy Sun as now they have a completed “triad”. Keep an eye on services companies without this as they are take over targets…


  3. Thanks for the comments, Joe. Appreciate your insight!


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