6 Secrets of Highly Innovative Companies: Secret #6 – Communicate Well and Often Throughout the Enterprise

This month we are running a series based on our independent research on innovation confidence.  To learn more about disruptive innovation and other strategy approaches, visit the Newport Consulting Group website strategy page.

Highly innovative companies develop and live a set of “open book” policies with respect to its stakeholders.  Our survey results demonstrate that companies are still confident in their efforts to do just that.  Cross-functional communication programs, congresses, and committees have become an adopted practice in not only the strategic planning phase of company operations.

Bicycle parts manufacturer SRAM uses a TEAM RED award to focus on exemplary achievement of all customer needs and requirements. Rather than recognizing specific individuals, a team leader accepts the award on behalf of product team recognized for achievement above and beyond company expectations.  This is used with other forms of recognition, generally informal, to illustrate the deep culture of innovation expected between team members and by management.

Heating and cooling systems manufacturer Behr GmbH & Co. KG considers its “X Factor” the ability to create a culture of independent thinking and pride in workmanship.  This helps to extend Behr culture to the partner network, indirectly contributing to drive shareholder value and customer loyalty.

Highly innovative companies  still maintain active communication programs both inside and outside the firm to convey global strategic and product direction and foster innovative thinking and logistics execution. There are few surprises in highly innovative companies.


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