6 Secrets of Highly Innovative Companies: Secret #4 – Consistent information across the enterprise

This month we are running a series based on our independent research on innovation confidence.  To learn more about disruptive innovation and other strategy approaches, visit the Newport Consulting Group website strategy page.

In the area of information management and accuracy, we knew from our previous survey interviews that many companies believe they can do this successfully and publicly will state that this is commonplace in their organizations. Our survey results consistently demonstrate the contrary over the years, however this year’s responses edged slightly positive. When executives took pencil to paper and completed our survey, companies again responded with an uncertain perception of their organization’s ability. With all of the technology planning that seems to be occurring constructively in high levels of surveyed organizations, why is it, then, that executives believe information varies department to department?

In years passed, this element of the study has been presented with some levity – few people had confidence in their information, and fewer people felt inclined to trust corporate information implicitly. Interviews of companies would include off-the-record admonitions of private and exclusive databases, replete with the potential for human error. For the first time of the Innovation Confidence Study this consistent negative thinking appears to be changing.

Software maker brand ENOVIA engages a consistent set of customer-facing processes, developed when it created its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) framework. This information is maintained with consistent customer information, provided in the form of an information “subscription” to all users of the CRM framework globally.


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