Evaluate Planned and In-Flight Initiatives with a Starter Kit for Capital Planning

The starter kit for capital planning for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for the Microsoft platform, allows for specific business process flows to be common across budget planning for multi-year capital expenditure investments. See how to use the starter kit as well as the various views available to evaluate different strategic objectives.

Linking strategic planning at the executive level to departmental-level management can occur based on several approaches. The most common resembles what is often referred to as a planning round. A planning round may consider the upcoming fiscal-year budget aligned to specific strategic objectives that are intended to be achieved inside that fiscal year. A planning round may also look downstream to subsequent years to provide insight into fiscal mapping of resources and capital required to achieve particular strategic objectives. This gives the organization advanced warning and allows preparation for it to move in a particular direction and to acquire the talent, capital, and resources needed for execution.

The end product of such a planning round is an operating budget that functional and operational management may use to execute in the upcoming fiscal year, with downstream annual forecasts. Many organizations treat this operating budget as a compact between executive management and the operational and functional teams. Based on human capital performance management and reward and recognition programs, performance against budget and plan yield significant compensation effects for management and staff alike.

By using the starter kit for capital planning, available for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for the Microsoft platform, organizations can leverage a consistent, accurate approach to multi-year investments. I’ll show you the highlights of the starter kit for capital planning and some of the key points when using it.

William Newman is the author of the forthcoming title, “Understanding SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management” on sale now from #SAP Press.  He consults, writes and speaks on sustainability, governance, strategy, and compliance topics.  Twitter william_newman.

Click here to read the full article at SAP Insider Financials Expert Online.


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