Program Risk and Change Management for SAP BusinessObjects GRC and EPM Solutions

SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) and SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions have a greater chance of delivering value to the organization if organizational change management and program risk management best practices are employed during the planning and implementation of solutions.

Allowing for strategy and risk in your planning includes alignment by crafting initiatives that can then be illustrated by applying resources, budget, and program structure to create the necessary changes to an organization. You can use several techniques to enact strategic initiatives that result in value-based outcomes for increased enterprise performance and to consider program risk factors.

Initiative Mapping – A Useful Technique to Define EPM and GRC Programs

Logical diagrams provide a sound framework for management to understand the path required to move the organization or components of the organization from a current state to a target state. In the current state position, strategic goals and objectives recognize the existing circumstances of the organization and the internal and external factors it faces. They also establish a baseline for future initiatives. The target state position reflects the desired environment the organization would like to achieve, once a particular goal has been realized. During this process, various initiatives, conditions, and outcomes may be represented in logical diagrams (also known as results chains).

You can define, map, and structure various initiatives using SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management, supported by other SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) and SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions, as well as classic SAP environments such as SAP ERP and SAP Supply Chain Management. 

However, programs can fail for many reasons other than technology, including bad organization and project management practices, poor project planning, and insufficient resources. How management commits to achieving its strategic goals and objectives in the execution of its business in the end is more important than the proper or improper use of software. 

William Newman is the author of the forthcoming title, “Understanding SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management” on sale now from #SAP Press.  He consults, writes and speaks on sustainability, governance, strategy, and compliance topics.  Twitter william_newman.

Click here to read the full article at SAP Insider GRC Expert online.


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